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Tony Morwood wears Swans’ hat

Posted by hanoiswans on January 21, 2008

A week ago, the Swans Blog was walking along Albert Road in South Melbourne and came across the Sydney Swans office. The Blog decided to go inside and have a look.

Unexpectedly, the Sydney Swans’ General Manager for Melbourne and Canberra, Tony Morwood, just happened to be standing in front of the Swans Team of the Century jumper - wearing a Vietnam Swans hat! Unheard of!

Tony Morwood was named as a Half Forward Flanker in the Team of the Century.

Mafia - went easy on TonyClick on the photo to enlarge it to see Tony in front of the famous jumper as well as a close up of his well-worked fingers. it looks like “the family” might have gone easy on him!

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