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Stocks plunge; Swans’ ideas fly

Posted by hanoiswans on January 22, 2008

Today, the stockbrokers broke us and we wondered whether Black Tuesday should be renamed Red Tuesday. Punters looked glumly at their computer screenswhich were bleeding more red than slaughtered chickens.

Meanwhile, the Rooster and Sam Grigg were independently and simultaneously playing with ideas to give the red and white Vietnam Swans a more appropriate look in Asian football. They have tried to design the perfect jumper that will be loved by generations and outlive ours. They are shown below. Click on them for a better look.

The two samples designed by the Rooster have “Big Rooster” splashed across the back. The other 4 jumpers are Sam’s. Read Sam’s  to find out the true meaning behind each of the jumpers.


As always, if you agree or disagree - or have your own design - post a comment.

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