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Posted by hanoiswans on January 10, 2008

You may recall that the recently contacted the Vietnam Swans inviting any of us who are thinking of travelling to London to start playing with them (obviously keen to start winning a few premierships).

The have also said that they will put something on their website and in their weekly newsletter about discovering another brother club in Vietnam.

The were keen to know when our season typically starts and finishes (well, we’re 24/7 - 52 weeks) and who we play against (ever heard of the Asian Champs???).

The word is spreading and you never know, we might even have a bank of London Swans (yep, “bank” is the collective noun apparently for Swans) visiting our shores one day for a tour. 

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  1. Stray Says:

    Bring it on!!!

    If they come over during the English Winter, we can be assured of laughing all the way to the ‘bank’! Warm weather, warm girls, tasty food and cold beer, you reckon’ the Poms can handle it?

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  3. Says:

    So how did the season finish up for the might London Swans? I will be over in ‘09 so I’m keen to pull on a jumper!

  4. Ben Gellie Says:

    Gday James,

    The Swannies had an ok season finished 5th lost a few we should have one but that is footy hey. Definately get down here in 09 mate. Email me on I am the coach. Not only do we play footy hard, but no one plays harder across Europe away from the field. Three international trips a year, plus a packed social calendar means win lose or draw the Swans always through a party


  5. Stray Says:


    Brilliant stuff!!!

    Will be making a trip to the UK in the, not too distant, future. Got training space for an overweight, old Vietnam Swan?

    Would love to have a kick with you guys when I’m in the Ol’ Dart. Will check out your site and look for training days.

    Big JOE.

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