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Thriller in Manila

Posted by hanoiswans on May 26, 2008

While we’re all focussed on the Vietnam Swans Vs Singapore Wombats showdown next Saturday for the Lou Milsevic/ Mick Francis Cup, a number of other teams in the region are preparing to put on a thriller in Manila.

The Manila Cup will be hosted by the Philippine Eagles and it looks like it might be an unofficial sneak peek at the Asian Champs which will be played later in the year. 

The competing teams are as follows: the Philippine Eagles, Hong Kong Dragons, China Reds (not the China Tigers), Malaysian Warriors and… the Hongila Dogs!

The Dubai Dingoes were also a chance to get there, but alas, it was not to be. That’s where the Hongila Dogs seized their chance with all four awesome paws. For the full story, see .

Meanwhile, in a shock announcement, Matty Johns has declared himself unavailable to play in the Swans tilt at the Lou Milsevic / Mick Francis Cup. He blames a work commitment.

If the Swans could bottle that level of commitment, we’d be odds-on to win the Champs.

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