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Lao Elephants eye the “Commie Cup”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 28, 2009

There's no "I" in team - and no left eye for this poor Lao Elephant

Preparations for a match day banner for the match between the Vietnam Swans and the Lao Elephants are currently underway. We asked the Elephants for a high resolution logo – and they forwarded us the logo on the left.

Acting Lao President, Mr Adam wrote in his email today:

Attached is the logo. Unfortunately, it only has one eye. We’ve been unable to locate the two-eyed version for some time…

Ah well. At least the one-eyed elephant should be able to easily see the Swannies army of one-eyed supporters.

However, before we laugh to loudly at the Elephants (it’s a schoolboy error to ridicule a one-eyed cornered animal), they did see Willy last week (see previous story). Adam continued,

(When) Willy (was here), he filled us full of confidence about coming away with the Commie Cup, so we were more than happy to have him down. Let’s hope the rest of your team lacks hamstrings.

Game on!

One Response to “Lao Elephants eye the “Commie Cup””

  1. willy said


    you know deep down you elephants are one eyed cause we poked one out last time we had a game in laos. so lets be straight – the other ones com’n out match day in hanoi!! ouch..

    go you swannies!!


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