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Brisbane Bears jumper and Peter Brock hat donated to Swannies AFL Grand Final Parties

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 11, 2012

Chris O’Dempsey in Saigon on Monday night with a 1996 Brisbane Bears jumper signed by the team and a cap signed by motoring ace, Peter Brock.

, Director of and former opposition specialist coach for the Brisbane Bears, has returned to Saigon earlier in the week.

Last time Chris visited was back in February when he gave us some invaluable insights into further improving our Club’s on field performance.

This time, Chris came bearing gifts. They are gifts from his own personal collection that he has donated to the Vietnam Swans’ 2012 AFL Grand Final Parties: a Brisbane Bears jumper signed by the team and a hat signed by motoring ace, .

The Brisbane Bears jumper

The Brisbane Bears jumper was signed by the entire team after their Preliminary Final loss to North Melbourne, who went on to be eventual premiers that year in 1996. This was the last year the Club played as the Bears. Just a few months later, the Brisbane Bears merged with the Fitzroy Lions to become the Brisbane Lions on 1 November 1996 ( for more information).

The Brisbane Bears.

The jumper is a real piece of history. Some of the star studded signatures include Michael Voss, Craig Lambert, Richard Champion (who played for the AFL Masters against the Vietnam Swans last year), Chris Scott, Clark Keating (who played with the AFL All Stars against the then Hanoi Swans back in 2006), Justin Leppitsch, Jason Akermanis, Alastair Lynch, Roger Merrett etc etc. No wonder the Lions went on to win back-to-back-to-back premierships a few years later.

Being a 1996 jumper, of course, it’s the old style with the sew-on patches. An amazing collector’s item.

Peter Perfect’s cap

He was the King of the Mountain. He was Peter Perfect. He was Brocky. Among other things, was a nine times winner of the Bathurst 1000 and in 2001 was inducted into the V8 Supercar Hall of Fame. Brocky was also a close personal friend of Chris.

Brocky – looking good wearing his Swannies’ colours.

Chris had Brocky sign a number of caps in  the week prior to his tragic death in a rally car accident in September 2006. (Click onto the Heart Reach Australia website for the .)

So, a very special cap indeed.

The Vietnam Swans thank Chris O’Dempsey most sincerely for his most generous support of our Club and our Grand Final Parties.

Chris shall attend the Vietnam Swans’ next training session in Saigon on Saturday, 14 July 2012.

2 Responses to “Brisbane Bears jumper and Peter Brock hat donated to Swannies AFL Grand Final Parties”

  1. Willy said

    on ya Chris!!

    Peter Perfect Brock complete leeeeegeeeeeeend..

    Go you Swannies!!

  2. mj said

    Thanks Chris, that is a magnanimous gesture.

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