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Results for Swannies 5th Annual Golf Day

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 3, 2010

Lessons and traps for young players at last week's Vietnam Swans 5th Annual Golf Day, Melbourne

Last Tuesday 29 December 2009, the Swannies were in force on the Golf Links at Ivanhoe, Melbourne, for the 5th Annual Vietnam Swans Golf Day. The results are detailed below:

  • Ryan Jeffery 90 – home ground advantage despite ‘Have not played since ….’
  • Muzz (Clint Murrell) 91 – needed a hole in one on the last to tie … And almost delivered!
  • Trav Fennell 92 – some monster drives and putts… Solid effort.
  • Greg Armstrong 93 – dynamite on the par 3’s… Will be a danger in 2010.
  • Flyer Dave Kainey 94 – wayward off the first tee, set the tone for the round. Needs to lift.
  • Growds (Michael Growder) 96 – had the par 3’s stitched up – the drive (in the car) from Werribee stuffed him.
  • Will Martin 102 – 2 dim sims on the first tee and 48hr drinking binge helped him to 102.
  • Brock Fennell 102 – Brother of Trav – one beer at the turn was clearly not enough.
  • Stuart 109 – The current Jakarta Bintang probably overawed by the talents of the Swans
  • Fabbo (Phil Johns) 122 – Blamed days 2 & 3 of the test match (a few bevvies), had a great 18 hole score after 9 holes. Predicting pretty much the same in 2010.

Congratulations to Ryan for the second year in a row for winning the coveted Ryan Jeffery Jacket!

Thanks to Ryan for the organisation and BBQ. Thanks to Flyer for the scores and comments above.

Photos of the big day still to come.

2 Responses to “Results for Swannies 5th Annual Golf Day”

  1. Big Bad JOE said

    All of the shots in that drawing look like straight drives, to me.

    You want to see a real “hook” or “slice” just let me loose on a golf course. Not even the crowds waiting behind me are safe from my tee-off.

    Strange how the crowds behind me build up during the course of the game. Always thought it was due to word getting out that I was playing and they all wanted to come and watch a game of golf mixed with yachting – I tack back and forth across the fairways.

    My score card improved considerably once I learned that you stop counting strokes when you reach 10. 180 on an 18 hole course, down from 300. Great score for 10 pin bowling, not so good for golf.

  2. willy said

    look big bad joe, you need to speak to big schwerdty if you want to learn about golf. especially when he is in flipper land..

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