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(Another) 5 minutes with The Flyer: Micky Francis, Pt 2

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 16, 2011

When not honking his horn, the Flyer can be found sleeping with his footy. Pic: last month's Asian Champs.

Dave Kainey is the Flyer and this time, he’s spending (another) five minutes with Club Legend, Mick Francis who played a key role in starting it all at the then, Hanoi Swans, back in 2001. Here’s Part 2. (To see Part 1, click here.)

Q4. Your thoughts on the performance by the Swans at last month’s Asian Championships in Bangkok and their standing in Asian Football?

Swannies are great! Huge performance at the Champs. But why not if you can live and work in a place like Vietnam where you can do, pretty much, anything. So why not be a leader in Asian football? We have guys running the Club who have the vision, have great passion for it and it is now reflected in how we are perceived in Asian Footy circles.

Mick Francis and wife, Yen, at the Swing to Swim Charity Golf Day back in May. Some amazing auctioneering work helped raise $25,000.

Q5. Mick, you have seen many players, partners, supporters and sponsors develop relationships at different levels with the Vietnam Swans. Many, if not all, who have to move on, continue to enjoy their association with the Vietnam Swans. Is that how you see it?

I think it’s a great reminder for people of their time spent in Vietnam. The Swannies have been a platform for many of them and have played a big part in their lives while they were in Vietnam. I know everyone of them remembers being a part of our Club.

Q6. Mick, family life and business all going well in Vietnam?

Family, business and life – all good here, mate. Thanks!

Willy, last June, resplendent in Club Blazer, stands alongside the Sydney Swans Jumper in Jaspas, Hanoi.

Q7. Finally mate, I wanted to bring up some of the former / current team mates. Give me, in 5 words or less, a response to the name.

  • Gus ‘stop’ McEwan – Passion, committed, still no girl friend.
  • Jarrod ‘Juddy’ Dale – Can play! Captain/Coach, leader.
  • Mick ‘MJ’ Johnston – Improving with age. Can sing.
  • David ‘Sharpie’ Sharpe – Legend. Great on tour.
  • Scott ‘Pacey’ Stacey – Can surprise for a little guy.
  • Justin ‘Pumper’ Hart – Purple vibrator (Ed’s note: ‘vibrant personality’ perhaps?). Champion efforts.
  • Mark ‘Willie’ Williams – Golden girls, golden boxers.
  • Nick ‘Nicko’ Shiells – Number 10 will become the captain’s number.
  • Derrin ‘Dezza’ Limbrick (Saigon Prez) – Committed, loyal to Vietnam footy.
  • Dan ‘Crazy’ Hopkins (Hanoi Prez) – Champion young bloke. Great for us.
  • Phil ‘Fabbo’ Johns – Vision, communicator, new world leader.

Thanks big fella for spending 5 minutes with The Flyer.

Footnote re photo of Willy:  This photo of Willy standing next to the framed Sydney Swans jumper was taken last June. Willy bought the jumper, generously donated by the Sydney Swans, at auction at the Black Saturday Bushfire fundraiser in Saigon, March, 2009. The jumper now hangs at JASPAS, Hanoi, home of the Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Party.

3 Responses to “(Another) 5 minutes with The Flyer: Micky Francis, Pt 2”

  1. Willy said

    Mick Francis: FRANK!!

  2. MJ said

    10 Minutes with The Flyer = Swans Life Membership, surely!

  3. Campbell from Ko Phangnan said

    nahhhh MJ

    10 minutes with the Flyer = 2 bias

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