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Preliminary photos up to Preliminary Finals

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 23, 2011

The preliminary photos for a great prize taken in N/W Australia, Hoi An, Indonesia and Antarctica.

The competition to find the best Swannies photo during the 2011 AFL Finals is well and truly underway. And why wouldn’t it be with a brand new red Swannies shirts up for grabs?

You too can enter. All we need is a photo of anything that has some Swannies branding in it and it must be related to the AFL Finals. The competition ends a week after next week’s Grand Final.

Today, for fun, we are running a straw poll to find out the current favourite (winner receives bragging rights). The photos above are:

  1. Ken Rowe wears his Swannies hat and shirt with Brett Owen at Newman mining town in north western Australia. Ken and Brett toured Vietnam with the AFL Masters earlier in the year. Relevance: taken during the AFL Finals Series. Ken says “clearly, Newman should win the photo contest. We are in the middle of sh*tsville and the Swannies’ shirts get worn around town all the time. In fact I got in the sh*t for wearing it to our Tigers game one day as we were playing Saints – who are red, white and black.”
  2. MJ, Dan Kindness, Trent Mears and Dave Shea wear Swannies’ training tops at the Vietnam International Triathlon in Hoi An earlier this month. Relevance: taken during the AFL Finals Series.
  3. Fabbo wears a Vietnam Swans hat while sailing a Corsair 37′ off Banda Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia, a few days ago. Relevance: taken during the AFL Finals Series.
  4. In 2008, Don McNeil sent in this photo of a Swannies’ hat in Antarctica (click here for story). Relevance: photo was resurrected during AFL Finals Series.

Run another poll without Daryl's permission and I will personally blow your head clean off.

Now, vote for your favourite photo (and, in the coming week, take lots of photos to send in for this awesome competition!).

4 Responses to “Preliminary photos up to Preliminary Finals”

  1. Campbell from Ko Phangnan said

    the Antarctica is a beauty but assum’n the comp relates to 2011..

    I give it to the stud cruis’n on the boat

  2. MJ said

    Glad I voted for me for a grand total of 1 vote :-(

  3. Cluney said

    Poor old Newman boys this is a vote for u.nice pic

  4. Willy said

    the only reason I didn’t vote for your photo MJ was you were actually looking ‘normal’ for once.

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