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Thursday’s Taber Talk – 2011 AFL Prelim Finals, Week 3

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 22, 2011

A serious DT at the 2006 AFL All Stars match in Hanoi. Fast forward to the AFL's 2011 Preliminary Finals and he's just as serious.

Thursday’s Taber Talk returns with Daryl “DT” Taber to tell us what’ll happen this weekend in Week 3, Preliminary Finals’ Week, of the AFL’s 2011 Finals’ Series.

“Top Four left to fight for the spoils”: D. Taber, 22 Sept, 2011.

[ Ed's note. Do you agree or disagree with DT? Post a comment below! ]

It just keeps getting better! What a fantastic finish to the Eagles v Blues semi-final last week! Ever the optimist, I think there’s more to come.

We’ve enjoyed six finals in the last two weeks and, quite predictably, we are left with the top four teams after the home and away games. The McIntyre Final 8 system certainly favours the teams finishing higher on the ladder and rightly so. It’s a tough gig playing 3 finals in 3 weeks so on that basis it’s hard to go past a Pies v Cats fight for the flag, with the Cats still firming as favourites. If so, it will be worth the wait.


The MCG will host this weekend's two Preliminary Finals.

The Pies biggest concern is still the lack of time their best team have had playing together in recent months. I think they will improve on what they do this week and may even need until after half-time to over-run the Hawks. Their finish a fortnight ago was unconvincing with the Eagles kicking the first three goals of the final quarter to narrow a 26-point deficit to seven. However it was the number of tall Eagles forwards that troubled Collingwood. Without big Roughy running round for the Hawks, Buddy is a one-man band and will get plenty of attention from Pie defenders out to spoil his party.

The midfield battle will be a ripper. The Pies have Thomas, Swan, Pendlebury, Ball, Davis, Shaw and Wellingham up against the likes of Mitchell, Hodge, Sewell Rioli, Burgoyne, Osborne and Lewis. Collingwood look the better outfit here. Travis Cloke and Chris Dawes have the key roles up forward for Collingwood. Both have been a little quiet in their past outings but the Hawks defence struggles against taller, quality forwards and these two are due. Unless we see the very best of Cyril, Buddy and Burgoyne the Pies will get the job done.

GEELONG V WEST COAST. Saturday Afternoon, MCG

These two sides have heaps of quality, tall marking forwards and a group of solid midfielders in form. Interestingly three of the four Selwood brothers will feature in this preliminary final and quite likely will spend time playing on each other, just like the old days in the backyard in Bendigo.

It will be on for young and old in the ruck with Cox and Naitanui taking on Ottens and West. There is no obvious winner here but certainly the Cats defence is better than West Coasts. They play a more attacking style when they gather the pill and spread. They have a few options to replace young Menzel who has kicked 7 goals in his past 5 quarters of footy. Will it be the veteran Cam Mooney that is selected?

It’s the second trip to the ‘G for West Coast in two weeks and this will take a heavy toll on bodies that have had to endure two tough games in a fortnight. West Coast don’t get to the MCG often but in finals the Eagles have a 4-0 record against the Cats including the 1992 and1994 deciders. Win or lose it’s been a super effort from the Coasters coming from bottom rung last year.

The Cats will run right away with this one in the second half to set up a grand final between the best two teams this year. That’ll be 1 versus 2.

Warnie finds out that Ross Lyon is leaving his beloved Saints.

Around the Grounds

Collingwood midfield coach Mark Neeld (who visited Vietnam last year and met up with Trav Fennell) has been immediately released from duties to protect the Pies intellectual property now that he is senior coach of Melbourne. BTW is there such a thing as intellectual property at Collingwood?

Three new ‘green’ coaches appointed in just four days.

Avid Saints fan Shane Warne ranted on The Footy Show he was sick and tired of Ross Lyon’s boring defensive style of coaching. With the playing talent at St Kilda he wanted to see more attacking play. Is the premiership window closing for the Saints or will the new coach have a final fling at the title with their mature group ala Geelong this year?

The four Selwood brothers all occupy leadership positions at their clubs- Geelong, West Coast and Brisbane.

I think Daryl and his footy polls are just wonderful.

It’s Time! Time to Tell Taber.

11 Responses to “Thursday’s Taber Talk – 2011 AFL Prelim Finals, Week 3”

  1. Willy said

    Taber’s Talk has replaced for me where Josh ‘the hard man’ coach left off with super coach.

    And just to think I thought no super coach no Thursday.. how wrong was I.

  2. Willy said

    Reckon you are on the money again Taber with Rioli to play a superman role and lets not forget one man who loves the big stage.. Hodge!! If Cloke sprays it then the Hawks may surprise.

    But for me the defining factor is Daisy. Brought back the screw punt which lets face it is essential to any footballers life.

  3. Willy said

    As for the Cats.. a tough sell but I reckon which ever Selwood does the wood on the other than that will bring them up against the Woods the following week.

    Go Cats 2011. Touch wood!!

  4. Gazza Jnr said

    Can I just say I don’t read the papers being a little genius but I read Taber’s Talk first thing every Thursday!!

    Go Cats!!


  5. Jules said

    I seriously don’t get the fuss over one damn flag unless it involves Taber’s Talk bout the 2011 FLAG.

    I have to say fellow Australieeens I love Taber’s Talk as much as Big Bussl’n Barry bald head sweat’n all over.

  6. Juddy said

    All week I’ve been feel’n down in the blues until I read Taber’s Talk.

    Any chance you will have anything to say bout me chances in the Brownlow?

  7. Warnie said


    I’m no saint mate but than again nor is Lyon. hahaha

    Any advice on my new poof look? should I still sell myself short and all fellow Aussie bogans just to keep me Liz happy?

    Better go, Liz has just come back from the saloon.


  8. Campbell from Ko Phangnan said

    alright so I got carried away doin a moonie but Taber mate you seen any of me clothes?

    personally I think I’ve just had a case of too much sun.

  9. Daryl said

    Oh Daryl, just love your work!

    Please call me at my Canberra office if you are interested in the vacant PM’s
    Personal Assistants job.

    With Love,
    PS I offered the job to Big Bad Barry but really he’s got a better head for radio!

  10. Eddie McQuire said

    See what happens when Taber listens to Batchelor’s advice – 2 out of 2. Unfortunately it will be Geelong by a minimum of 55 point in ‘The Big One’, even without Stevie J. Are you with me DT?

  11. Mrs Fevola said

    I know it’s nearly an impossible task, but can you get a better photo of Taber? The one on the latest Taber Talk site is scaring my kids.

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