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Saigon’s 2012 Committee has the clout to get things done

Posted by Vietnam Swans on January 21, 2012

The Swannies' new Saigon Committee has the clout to get things done.

A week ago, Saigon President, Sam Conroy, announced his Committee for 2012.

The Committee is jam packed with talent that includes the heads of no less than four prestigious organisations in town, namely:

  • , Ross Munn
  • , Chris Butler
  • , Jamie Rossall
  • , Kyle Hackenberg

In addition, other members of the Saigon Committee include National Treasurer, Rowan Luke (Commonwealth Bank), Tim Clements (), Ross McRae () and Alex Polson. The Saigon President, Sam Conroy, works for and the National President, Phil Johns works for .

The fact that we have been able to attract such high calibre people is testament to the work done by the Committees and others under the Saigon Presidencies of Derrin Limbrick and Scott Stacey.

Now, back to basics: actually playing footy!

This year’s Coaching Panel is also rock solid with experienced panel members, Skipper, Luke “Dukes” Creamer;  Kevin Hornblower, Nick Shiells and Damien Judd. We welcome highly experienced players joining the Panel for the first time, Heath Ellis and Phil Ghasseb.

The rise and rise of the Vietnam Swans is well placed to continue in 2012.

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