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Josh Murray returns to Australia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 3, 2012

Josh Murray, centre, is farewelled by Sammy Conroy and Phil Johns last night at the Spotted Cow in Saigon.

Last night, the boys in Saigon assembled at the Spotted Cow to farewell Josh Murray who will return to Melbourne.

Josh, a mate of Hanoi Coach Ado Enright, wasted no time in getting on board the Swannies train. Within just a few days of arriving in Vietnam at the end of February, he was on the bus for the Cambodian Cannonball Run. And he never looked back being an active part of everything to do with the Swannies.

Josh will return to Melbourne where he will join the ever growing band of Swannies’ alumni. And he will also return with one of the “You can leave the country. But not the Club. Honk!” trophies.

One Response to “Josh Murray returns to Australia”

  1. mj said

    When Sam taps you on the shoulder, it’s time to go.

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