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Ed thanks the Swannies!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 17, 2012

Ed’s view of the scratchie as he ran the boundary line a fortnight ago in Saigon.

Ed Smelt was visiting Saigon a fortnight ago when we were playing our second Reds Vs Whites scratchie in super wet conditions and around a small snake that had decided to temporarily call the oval home.

While keen to play, given the atrocious conditions, Ed decided hi runners were best suited to umpiring duties along the boundary line.

Ed has returned to Australia and he’s written in to thank the Swannies.

Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for welcoming me at the game the other weekend. All the fellas made me feel at home away from home.

It was great to see a slice of Australia in Asia and it sounds like everyone has a great time with the Swannies!

After the weekend in HCMC I went down to Vung Tau and met up with Glenn Nolan at Tommy’s Sports Bar (a Club Sponsor). He was a superb host and sorted out all the tours I was looking for and accom etc. Would be great to be back there for the ANZAC Friendship Match next year (against the Jakarta Bintangs on 27 April 2013)!

All the best for the rest of the year/season and will be sure to get in touch if I do end up getting a civil engineering gig over there in the future.

Ed’s note to Ed: Fantastic to see you in the ‘Gon and that gig you need over here “in the future” needs to be “in the very near future”!

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