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Tristan and Rossi move on from Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 19, 2012

Tristan last week receives his farewell trophy from the Skipper and the Prez in Saigon. Michael Ross has also just left Vietnam.

Last night, Swannie, Tristan Dwyer took flight from Saigon bound for Jakarta for a new job and a new footy club, the Jakarta Bintangs. Last week, the Swannies managed to put on a farewell show for him and to wish him all the best.

Skipper Dukes and National Prez, Fabbo, were there to give him the “You can leave the country. but not the Club. Honk!” farewell trophy.

Tristan has been an excellent club man for the Swannies and will be missed very much. We wish him well in the next chapter of his life in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, we have just heard from Michael Ross, who landed in Vietnam just a couple of months ago that he and his partner have left. He has just written to say that:

“After a couple of crazy weeks travelling through Cambodia and the northern parts of Vietnam it is with much disappointment that I have to let you know that we’ve left the country as of Saturday night, headed to the US. My better half has been accepted into a Masters degree program that she’s been trying to get into for some time.

“I just want to thank the boys at the Club for making us both feel really welcome and giving me the opportunity to have a couple of games while I was there. The most disappointing thing for me was not being able to pull on the Swans’ jersey in an international match where I could really show what I can do. However, we both see ourselves as lifelong travellers and it would not be inconceivable for us to be back in the area in the near future.

“Although I can’t help you on the field in the foreseeable future, I’ll definitely be talking the Swans up to anyone I know who is travelling through the area.”

Rossi, we’re very sorry that we didn’t have a chance to give you a proper send off. Thanks for being a part of the Swannies and never forget, that now officially makes you a Swannie for life! Good luck in the US. We trust it’s a great success for the two of you.

With just 25 departures in the last two and a half weeks, the Swannies are looking forward to receiving our next 25 arrivals!

Footnote: In recent weeks, the Swannies have sent players to the Philippine Eagles, Jakarta Bintangs, Santiago Saints and, next month, we will send another to the China Reds.

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