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2012 Asian Champs propectus released

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 5, 2012

The 2012 Asian Asian Champs Prospectus.

The Thailand Tigers have just released the 2012 Australian Rules Football Asian Championships Prospectus which will be held in Thailand on Saturday 11 August, 2012.

Key points from the prospectus are:

  • Eleven teams will compete in the Champs
  • There will be no pools in the Draw
  • There will be four preliminary games (2 x 12min halves) played by each team
  • Top 4 teams will play in the semi finals (1  Vs 4 and 2 Vs 3). (2 x 15min halves)
  • Two winning teams in semi finals will play off in the Grand Final (2 x 20min halves)
  • The draw will take place in the week before the Champs
  • Games will start at 8am; Grand Final will commence at 4.05pm
  • Declared squads for each game of 16 on-field players and up to 10 interchange players
  • Player qualification for semi finals: at least two preliminary games
  • Player qualification for Grand Final: at least three preliminary/semi finals games
  • No ring ins
  • Team registration fee: USD1,250

For full details, please download the .

* The 2012 Asian Championships in Thailand are sponsored by Expat Property Planners.

One Response to “2012 Asian Champs propectus released”

  1. Willy said

    games start at 8.00am.. what games of eight ball in the local or is that somethin’ else they have in mind..

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