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Swans training in the Hanoi heat alongside the Oi’s & VietCelts

Posted by Vietnam Swans on July 6, 2012

Swans, Celts and Ois at the training session last night at the Australian Embassy, Hanoi.

Hanoi coach, Ado Enright, gives an update on the Swannies in the nation’s capital.

The Swannies in Hanoi continue to be putting in the hard yards in the lead up to joining our southern brothers for the upcoming game against the Cambodian Eagles on 21 July, in Saigon. Numbers have been excellent at both Thursday fitness trainings and Saturday’s field work, teaming up with the Hanoi Oi’s (netball) and VietCelts (Gaelic) teams in respective sessions to draw extra numbers for practice.

The guys are relishing the chance of regular practice, with big numbers showing through in the build up to the Cambodia game where nine of the guys will look to make the trip down south for the hit out.

Special mention goes out to Matt Carr and Luca Parodi who will be donning the Vietnam Swans guernsey for the first time.

The guys in Hanoi are looking forward to upcoming tours to the Asian Championships in Thailand, before hosting the 2012 Indochina Cup in November with Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

The partnership Hanoi is building with the Oi’s and VietCelts is also proving extra motivation for the guys to get out to training, and we are hoping to continue this strong relationship going forward this Summer.

2 Responses to “Swans training in the Hanoi heat alongside the Oi’s & VietCelts”

  1. mj said

    Don’t ya hate the one night you DO go to training is the night they DON’T take the photo!

  2. Willy said

    yeah but MJ you would be lick’n some guys ear or somethin’ if ya was in it..

    have you got a spare sim card for libya??

    Go you Swannies!!

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