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Wedding bells for current and former Swannies

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 10, 2012

Left, Dave and Anne-Marie Robb, HCMC, 18 November. Right, Dave Hadley hedging his bets at the last minute with wife, Margrete Helle and mystery friend on the weekend in Melbourne.

The Christmas bells have been ringing across the country this weekend with Swannies holding mega Christmas parties in Hanoi and Saigon. But the wedding bells have also been ringing.

Earlier in the year, Dave Hadley married Margrete in Norway. He loved it – and her – so much he decided to do it all again for a second time on Saturday in Melbourne ( is unable to confirm whether ‘mystery friend’ attended the first wedding).

Meanwhile, on 18 November, Dave Robb married Anne-Marie in HCMC.

From all the Swannies, congratulations to Dave, Anne-Marie, Dave and Margrete.

One Response to “Wedding bells for current and former Swannies”

  1. mj said

    Congratulations, Dave and Dave. For a moment, the heading lead me to believe this was a scoop about the 2 Dave’s tying the knot together!

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