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Swannies’ jumper gets run in Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire on Pyramid Power’s International Day

Posted by Vietnam Swans on December 10, 2012

The Vietnam Swans’ jumper gets a run at Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire (near Cairns) on the weekend. Jumpers, L to R – Swannies, Reading Kangaroos (England), Orange County Bombers (USA), Dublin Demons (Ireland) and Manchester Mosquitoes (England).

On 20 August 2012, wrote and article that asked:

“What does John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (‘Imagine all the people… sharing all the world’) have to do with linking up international Australian Football clubs all over the world? Well this song was the inspiration for Pyramid Power’s Wesley Hull to embark on a virtual voyage of discovery, contacting clubs across Australia and around the world through social media and asking them to become part of their network as a ‘big brother club’.”

The Vietnam Swans have become one of Pyramid Power’s brother clubs and last Saturday, Pyramid Power organised an International Day where the footy jumpers of each of these clubs, including the Swannies, were on display.

Wes Hull reports that the first photos, above, are “from our Pyramid Power International day at Yarrabah, an aboriginal community east of Cairns. A great day out. Thank you for the Vietnam Swans’ jumper and hope it does you proud in this shot.

“We (were) armed with jumpers from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia; specifically, Reading Kangaroos (England), Orange County Bombers (USA), Dublin Demons (Ireland) and Manchester Mosquitoes (England).

“Going to have to do it again next year as more jumpers coming now from Canada, England and maybe France.”

Further information

Click onto which is the article that appeared on World Footy News.

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