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Swans Blog smashes through 20,000 hits

Posted by hanoiswans on February 3, 2008

Last week, the Swans Blog smashed through its 20,000th hit. Since then, we’ve recorded another 700 hits.

In what has been a bumper month for the Swans Blog, January had 3,279 hits which is a world record. Our previous best month was July last year when we had 3,271. What’s weird about that is that July was the month of the Asian Championships. January, by contrast, was the month of not very much!

In the last 20 days, 12 days have had more than 100 hits. If you include days that had more than 90 hits, the number goes up to 17. Seriously unheard of.

The Swans Blog has attracted an international audience. Staggeringly, the United States accounts for 28 per cent of our traffic; Australia has 22 per cent and Vietnam comes in at No. 3 with 19 per cent of the hits. Often, the Blog is difficult to access in Vietnam. Many times we can’t access it during the day at all which may explain why Vietnam doesn’t come in at No. 1.

If you have your own theory to explain these results, post a comment.

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