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Houston, we have a glitch…

Posted by hanoiswans on February 4, 2008

As we keep hearing every moment of every day, Vietnam is an emerging market enjoying unprecedented growth. The aviation sector is no exception.

Vietnam News recently reported that:

Vietnam Airlines plans to buy almost 50 new planes in the next 10 years while Pacific Airlines (part owned by Qantas) will add 30 more planes.

There’s a glitch, though. There isn’t enough room on the tarmac for them.

Unheard of! Meanwhile, the Swans Blog has learnt that a high profile Swans Man was recently upgraded to Seat 1K on his return flight back from Melbourne to Vietnam. When asked why they had done that, he replied. “Not sure. But I was wearing my Vietnam Swans t-shirt.”

Coincidence or not?

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