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The Rooster’s latest design for a new jumper

Posted by hanoiswans on February 4, 2008

The Big Rooster is back in town with renewed enthusiasm and a revised design for a new Vietnam jumper.

Swannies, what about this concept !!! If it is ever seen back in Australia, it would create more of a stir than when the first platypus was sent back to Blightie !!!

It covers all of the aspects that Sam mentioned (read Sam’s post)… the colours from the NLF flag, the South VN flag with the 3 red lines etc. etc… It also maintains the link to the team being the Swans… there is something for Sydney-siders, Adelaidians and Melbourne Eurotrash Wanna-be’s (Ed’s note: steady-on re the Magnificent Melbournians)… It also acknowledges the Saigon Saints Hanoi Swans and Hanoi Hawks Football Clubs…  (much like the BBFFC Brisbane Bears Fitzroy Football Club).

Note how I cleverly incorporate a sneaky reference to the current Vietnam flag !!!

This jumper is also not going to clash with any other Asian teams. Malaysia is a lighter blue and you also have the red stripes at the bottom.

Whilst totally unique jumpers are great, there is a school of thought that supports jumpers that maintain a tangible link to an AFL jumper… When Adelaide play at the MCG this year, somebody is more likely to wear such a jumper (Ed’s Note: But only if you’re a pumpkin-head Adelaide supporter) rather than the Laos Elephants’ jumper for example. So you will get noticed and the profile of VN footy will improve which is important (when I was living in Jakarta, we had an ex-AFL player living there for 18 months before he found us !!!).  Any publicity is good publicity. 

I am definitely coming up for March 8th to kick a few goals (with the Vietnam Swans against the Malaysian Warriors).

Agree or disagree with the jumper proposal? Post a comment and build upon the Big Rooster’s 6-goal contribution!

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Houston, we have a glitch…

Posted by hanoiswans on February 4, 2008

As we keep hearing every moment of every day, Vietnam is an emerging market enjoying unprecedented growth. The aviation sector is no exception.

Vietnam News recently reported that:

Vietnam Airlines plans to buy almost 50 new planes in the next 10 years while Pacific Airlines (part owned by Qantas) will add 30 more planes.

There’s a glitch, though. There isn’t enough room on the tarmac for them.

Unheard of! Meanwhile, the Swans Blog has learnt that a high profile Swans Man was recently upgraded to Seat 1K on his return flight back from Melbourne to Vietnam. When asked why they had done that, he replied. “Not sure. But I was wearing my Vietnam Swans t-shirt.”

Coincidence or not?

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