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Pago’s word on the Jumper

Posted by hanoiswans on February 5, 2008

The Swans Blog has received an email from the President of the Saigon Geckos’ Rugby Club regarding the proposal for a new footy jumper. Pago, who is an original member of the Saigon Saints, has been instrumental in resurrecting Aussie Rules in Saigon by offering the resources and players from the Geckos as well as some well received advice. Pago also toured to Bangkok for the Vietnam Swans’ inaugural assault on the Asian Champs last year where his on-field performance was solid and his off-field session as “Fines Master” was exemplary!  

As the last surviving playing member of the Saigon Saints, can I please have some input when you guys decide the jersey.

The Saints formed in 1999 and at last count there are still 12 ex players residing in Saigon (who unfortunately, “are too old now to play”). I am sure that the club will get more support if it tries to keep some part of the history of Aussie Rules in Saigon alive, rather than just changing to something completely different.

I believe we have tracked down some of the old (St Kilda) jerseys too, and have enough for a team.

I propose that whatever design is decided that we try to incorporate the red, white and black. Not necessarily in equal proportions like St Kilda but however fits best. I also propose that on the neck of the jersey we have SSFC as other merged clubs do such as Sydney/South Melbourne (SMFC), Brisbane/Fitzroy BBFLFC), etc.


Pago added in a subsequent email, “All good for Hanoi to stay as the Swans, Saigon the Saints and then a combined Vietnam jersey.” He also said he has a photograph of the original Saigon Saints team which will be forwarded through shortly to the Blog. 

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  1. Stray Says:

    This jersey issue is not going away. We really need to start making some decisions and getting together on this.

    In several replies to comments, I’ve put forward a few ideas but now I’m going to take a stance and state my final decision and jump on the Matty (no relation to Fabbo) bandwagon.

    Camouflage, camouflage, camouflage. Camouflage jersey, camouflage shorts, camouflage socks.

    For the sake of clash, I’ll stick to my electric blue footy boots . . . as Robin Williams said, with regards to fashion, in the movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, “If you’re going to fight, clash!” (Pretty well sums up my usual wardrobe at the best of times.)

    On the front of the jersey, large Vietnam Swans logo - our present. On the left breast, a small embroidered Saigon Saints logo - our past. On the right breast, small embroidered name-tag, a la military. We could have extra jerseys made up with ‘Smith’ or ‘Jones’ name-tags for occasional and ‘one-off’ players. White number on the back. Perhaps the clever little ‘Southern Cross’ logo could go around the neck line on the back.

    Sponsorship embroidered patches as, and where, required.

    To offset costs, each player can purchase their own shirt(s) with the club/donations/sponsors paying for the extra ‘Smith/Jones’ shirts.

    A picture paints a thousand words but I don’t know how to use all that computer black magic mumbo-jumbo to draw a picture. I’ll stick to the thousand words.

    Go the Saints!!!

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