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Posted by hanoiswans on February 7, 2008

When Heath Ledger accidentally took an unexpectedly lethal cocktail of just 6 prescription drugs that included pain killers, anxiety medication and sleeping pills, sales of his DVDs soared (see ).

On Tuesday, the Swans Blog spiked with a world beating 300 hits exactly, in a single day. Our previous best was 236 hits which occurred at the time of the 2007 Asian Championships.

But what was driving Terrific Tuesday? Unlike the increase in sales of Heath’s DVDs, we’re not really sure. However, 117 people found our website by looking for “ticker tape parade” which took them to Ticker Tape Parade in Hanoi, dated 20 July 2007. The story focussed on the parade to welcome back the Hanoi contingent of the Swans after returning from the Asian Champs.

Unheard of reason to explain the spike.

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