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Shane Bezzant - in flight!

Posted by hanoiswans on March 30, 2008

Shane Bezzant returned to Australia some time ago. He used to play for the Swannies in Hanoi. More recently, he was on a flight between Melbourne and Perth. This is his story:

Hi Swannies!

I caught a plane from Melbourne to Perth the other day and which Asian footy team did I see in the inflight magazine?

I’m pretty cheap and therefore I got to read the Tiger Airlines magazine.

Hope all is great, catch you later, Shane.

Shane was referring to the Swans appearance in Tiger Airways’ in-flight magazine, Tiger Tales. You can see an online version of it at the Swans Blog’s In the Press section. And for the record, Shane is not pretty cheap. He’s pretty sophisticated if he’s reading stories about us.

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