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Archive for March 11th, 2008

Photos of Malaysia Vs Vietnam

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 11, 2008

1. On the left, Swans President Fabbo in thongs (which upset Willy a lot) and Warriors President Manners thank the day’s crowd. 2. The two teams. 3. A dejected playing Coach, Pacey Stacey, Linfox Sponsor Mr Ben and Warriors’ Coach, Blacky.

Players for the Swans who made the trip: Clint Muzza, Gus McEwin, Drew Franklin, Willy, Martin Jacobs, Louis Joseph, Ian “The Boz” Bosonnet, Scotty Stacey, Danny Armstrong, Symmo, Dave “Flyer” Kainey, Andy Wall, Rooster (and his better half, Rena), Micky Francis, Micky Johnston, Damo Judd and Phil Johns.

These are the only photos to have been received by the Swans Blog so far. More have been promised.

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Post match report of sorts

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 11, 2008

Apart from the scoreboard, it was a seriously sensational trip – well, apart from Symmo doing a knee. Well, apart from Muzza losing his wallet. Well, apart from Fabbo missing his return flight.

Before we had even landed in KL there was action aplenty on our flight when we hit some serious turbulence and discovered the Wailing Woman who wailed and wailed. To use some footy parlance, what a screamer! Game on.

On the Saturday night, we had a special moment watching The Boz watch a Chinaman block the street outside our hotel with his car. The Chinaman became so angry with himself that he started smashing beer bottles against the windscreen of his car. The Boz started to fidget and mutter but, thankfully, remained seated.

In a fine tradition started by Sam who brought his girlfriend, Em oi to the Asian Champs, Rooster also brought sand to the Beach Club. Was fined accordingly!  However, given Rooster’s bucket of sand was the very lovely Ms Rena, it was another classic win-win for the rest of us!

Special thanks to – 

  • The Malaysian Warriors for organising the day and for not kicking 200 points 
  • Super Sav who managed to keep his coaching record intact
  • Symmo who did a lot of the organizing in Hanoi
  • Micky Francis for getting the club to pay for the beers on the bus trip back into town and for the best “goal-assist” that you will ever see. Cannoned into the goal post and turned a thread of daylight into the full blown midday sun.
  • The fine masters: Wall, Francis and Kainey
  • Andy Wall for sharing the delights of Jim Beam wherever we went.
  • Micky J for being the fastest slow bloke in Asian football
  • Danny for going all day in the ruck
  • The Laconic Louis who saved at least 10 goals in the backline
  • Damo the Dominator for exhibiting silky skills on and off the field
  • Captain Angry Angus for keeping his cool during 4 quarters of crisis
  • Kainey who still sleeps with his footy.
  • Muzza who redoubled his efforts to collect money for the footy tipping comp after losing his wallet
  • Willy for kicking our elusive first goal at the 12 minute mark of the last quarter
  • The others who I haven’t mentioned specifically

Congratulations to Drew for being judged Best Swans Player on the day and for pushing the Swans Sponsorship department along for the rest of us.

Farewell to Martin who was playing his last game for the Swans as a resident of Vietnam. We look forward to seeing you play with us again as a resident of Australia.

While there’s no shortage of people who leave Vietnam, it’s also true to say that there’s no shortage of people who continue to return to the Swans. The Singapore-based Kainey and Andy Wall are two such examples (Rooster’s just an international football slut with as many hats for international clubs as the Malaysian Warriors kicked goals).

Other people who have been involved with the Swans and sent Best wishes; Wish I was there! emails for this tour include luminaries such as: Brett Farmer, Daryl Taber, Ryan Jeffrey, Scotty Beasley, Michael Growder, Jeff Bloom, Clint Lambert and Matty Johns.

You see, at the beginning, middle and end of the day, it’s all good.

Hearin’ me? Go Swannies!

Photos are still coming…

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