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Archive for March 21st, 2008

The Australia Network email that saved the day

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 21, 2008

Below is the emailfrom the Australia Network which described what would happen once “normal transmission” resumes…

Thank you for your recent comment about our scheduling of the 2008 AFL season. You will be pleased to know that the schedule will be revised as of 11 April, and will conform to the following basic pattern:

1. An average of four matches per weekend will be shown: one on Friday night, one on Saturday afternoon, one on Saturday night, and one on Sunday afternoon.

2. No matches will be shown on Sunday nights.

3. When there is no Super 14s match to be shown at 2100 (Hong Kong time) on Friday or Saturday, the AFL match will be shown between 2100 and 2400.

4. When a Super 14s match is shown at 2100 on Friday or Saturday, the AFL match will follow it at 2300.

5. There will be occasional exceptions to this pattern. On Saturday 12 April, for instance, the matches will be shown at 1230 and 1730, and on Anzac Day, Friday 25 April, the Collingwood vs Essendon match will be shown at 1330, and the Fremantle vs Geelong match will be shown at midnight.

The changes for the weekend 11-13 April are already on our website schedule. The changes for subsequent weekends will appear very soon.

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Danny Armstrong and footy in Asia

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 21, 2008

Danny Armstrong, a Vietnam Swan, shares his email to the Australian Network which was submitted prior to the “return to normal transmission” announcement. Danny describes the special place footy has when you’re in Asia.

Dear Senior Management of Australia Network, I write to you with considerable displeasure at your ill-conceived, ill-informed decision to cut down the number of games available for viewing and reschedule the viewing times of AFL football coverage into Vietnam.I moved to Vietnam 19 months ago and was delighted to find a Vietnam team who I now play and train with regularly. Our team is made up of a mix of ex-Australian football players, rugby players and soccer players, but they are all attracted by the skill required to play the game and the games unique characteristics. It is also a terrific form of social interaction and has many spectator followers – both live and on Australia Network.As you are no doubt aware, there is also a flourishing competition of 10 Australian Football clubs with many members and supporters right across Asia, and a growing band of ‘locals’ playing and watching the game.

The game is uniquely Australian and many people in Asia are connecting with it. Many young people are also connecting with it, in part due to the ability to watch it on television.

Your decision to show games at 1am in the morning in Vietnam is extremely disappointing and will preclude many people from watching. It is almost as ill-conceived as the AFL itself who upon announcing their intention to take the game ‘truly national’ in Australia, then proceeded to show blockbuster Friday night games into Sydney at 10 and 11pm at night.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this decision. There is a groundswell of support in Asia and this decision will disenfranchise many of them and lose your network many supporters.

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Footy’s on the Box!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 21, 2008

It’s midnight in Vietnam and footy is back on the box – one hour early. We weren’t expecting it until 1am.

And then from 11 April it will be “normal transmission”. Bring it on.

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