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Archive for March 25th, 2008

Round 1 – The Tip Star’s analysis

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 25, 2008

Muzza, the Tip Star, will provide an in-depth, comprehensive and timely analysis each Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday or whichever day) of the preceding weekend’s footy action. And, more to the point, he will tell us how the Vietnam Swans’ punters fared with their tipping. Expect the insightful, the pertinent and the outright ridiculous. Here’s the Round 1 analysis:

Well, well, well. The footy season did arrive and it is a shame that some of the Vietnam Swans alleged tip-stars didn’t. Blokes don’t forget to put your bloody tips in – yes you Fabbo Johns.

And whose great idea was it to have celebrity tipsters? The comp is now lead by none other than one of the legendary “Ball Boys”, Matthew Ball. With a margin on the Thursday night game of 7 points, he is in front of “Stray”, “The Bloke” and “Matt777″ who all picked 7.

To say the least, there were some interesting efforts on the weekend.

  • Richmond supporter, Danny Armstrong picked 5 - pity 1 of them wasn’t the team he supports!
  • The Vietnam Swans through the Herald Sun “Kiss of Death” managed a pitiful 2.
  • The Sydney Swans legend, Tony Morwood is mid table with a solid 5.
  • The Vietnam Swans legend, Silver Fox Johns is also mid table with 5 – but was assisted by 2 away tips!
  • Matthew Johns is still lost somewhere in the footy tipping system but has been singing all weekend about the Hawks – a shame he didn’t even get his tips in! (Ed’s note: haven’t you seen his hair recently?) 
  • Luck of the Irish was with “The Boz” who tipped a handy 6 as did Mr Jim Beam, Andy Wall.

So, Round 1 has been run and and won. Well done to all of those who have joined so far.

Remember anyone can join up, follow the details below. The more that join the bigger the prize pool – so far, the winner will pick up 3.5 million dong!

Muzza, the Tip Star

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The Saigon Saints – 10th anniversary

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 25, 2008

Pago, current President of the Saigon Geckos Rugby Club, player and Fines Master in the first Vientam National AFL Team which made its inaugural appearance at the 2007 Asian Championships, is also one of the original Saigon Saints.

2008 marks the 10th anniversary of the Sainters and below is a brief insight by Pago into the hearts and minds of the Sophisticated Saints.

The Saigon Saints formed in mid 1998 for reasons still unknown. It may have been something to do with the launch of a new beer, or an excuse to exercise then drink more beer, it is probably best left alone. One thing that is known is that upon formation they immediately became the strongest Aussie Rules side in the country. The Saints rivals, the Hanoi Hawks as they were then known, were a low bunch of communist dogs that regularly suffered severe punishment at the hands of the Saints, sometimes narrowly surviving the devastating tactics in both attack, and beer consumption. This is still the case today with the Saints yet to be beaten by the northern scum.

On occasions where the beer ran out The Saints were sometimes forced to venture to new lands to continue their Aussie Rules domination and beer consumption. Amongst the most memorable was a 1999 tour to Phnom Penh where knowing there was a lack of musical entertainment, the Saints insisted on taking their own band, and as such drank Cambodia’s beer to their favourite tunes. Other tours followed with a trip to Bangkok in April 2000  seeing the retirement of many key players. In fact, following this trip the Saints remained undefeated for as many as 6 years until a worthwhile opposition fronted in the form of a visiting Navy ship or a lost Collingwood side.

Today in Saigon the spirit of the Saints lives on with a regular Grand Final Day Brunch hosting in excess of 200 people, and attracting guest speakers such as  David Rhys-Jones, Rod Ashman, David Wilson, Dale Weightman, Mark Yeates, Russel Morris, Gary Ablett and his sons Gary Jnr and Nathan. Still to this day the Saints are yet to lose to the Hanoi scum, and a new breed of younger beer drinkers have taken the reins of this proud club in its 10th year.

Go The Sainters!!!

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