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Archive for June 8th, 2008

Is he willy focussed? You bet!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 8, 2008

Last weekend, the Swans lost more than the Singapore match. We lost 6 handphones which reads like a list of goal kickers: Prez Phil Johns (2), BOG Matty Stewart (1), Charlie Williams (1), Trav Fennell (1) and Grotty Garnham (1).

Swans superstar Mark “Willy” Williams, as always, is hard and focussed (he’s pictured to the side behind Captain Gus who was posing for a photo at the time).

While the rest of us are sleeping, Willy focuses on thinking. The other morning he wrote to the Swans blog with his latest idea:

“Mate, we should start a tally board for lost phones within the Club and then have an end-of-season phone award. Put me down for one in the last two months.

“You hearin’ me? Ahhh!! Guess not if you don’t have a phone.”

Don’t worry, Willy. The Blog hears all and tonight the Blog is hearin’ you!

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