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Shrinking World Surprises Swans

Posted by hanoiswans on October 15, 2008

Peter Bossink at '07 Champs, Paris and le Jumper

Last Friday, ex Swan, Nico the Frencho, recorded a comment on the Blog…

Hello, i’m Nico, the French guy playing with Swans from April to July. I hope you remember me.

Thanks to have made me discover football, I’m now playing football in Paris, and I had a few trainings with Peter (Ed’s note: Peter Bossink played with the Vietnam Swans in last year’s Asian Champs) (2 Swans playing in Paris. How strange!!!).

Tomorrow (11 October), I’ll play footy European Championship, and of course I’ll think about you (Ed’s note, England won the competition and France came 6th out of 12 teams. See ).

Thank you for all and see you when i come back in Hanoi…

Great to hear from you, Nico and great stuff that you have kicked on with the footy and Peter Pierre.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the Blog received an email from Benjamin Hamon, the President of the Australian Football Team of the Montpellier Fire Sharks in the south of France!

He wrote: I really love the jumper of your National Team, so I just want to know if it’s possible to buy one (or two).

No worries at all, Benjamin - but how did you find out about the Vietnam Swans and our jumper?

I know that a French guy have play with you. He was with me at the EU Cup last week, and he show me your jumper. That’s why I want one now. (So) I’m waiting your answer about the shipping cost to confirm if I would like to proceed.

Thanks for your emails Benjamin and we will advise on the cost of postage.

For anyone else interested in purchasing a Vietnam Swans jumper, they are USD65 plus postage. Contact for more information.

Aussie Rules, the Vietnam Swans and the French Connection… As Peter Pierre told the Swans Blog back on 5 July 2008, Eat a baguette if you love footy.

2 Responses to “Shrinking World Surprises Swans”

  1. Says:

    Indeed France came 6th !!! because they were beaten by just 4 points by Finland (without Antti - the Big Finn).

    I feel personally responsible, having snapped one point, missed 2 set shots and hitting the right post 3 times… without the Rooster, France would have been up by 2 points.

    You can see Finland winning the EU Plate (the battle for 5th) here: (but a fair way into the video… ie: maybe 85% of the way in).

    That link shows all the games on field A (including finals)… all of the pool games on field B (and some early qualification rounds / ranking matches) are shown here:

    Look out for the magnificent Croatian & Czech Republic Uniforms.


  2. Charlie Says:

    Ah Nico! I taught him everything he knows. Not a bad mark that kid…

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