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The Linfox-Loscam Cup & two departures

Posted by hanoiswans on October 19, 2008

Uncle Sam says - I need you to perform on Saturday!

With less than a week before the Linfox - Loscam Cup between Vietnam and Malaysia on 25 October 2008, the changes are coming thick and fast.

Our traditional umpire, Richard Beecher has declared himself unavailable to umpire citing a desire to play. Traditional Super Savvy Coach, Scotty Stacey has declared himeself unavailable to coach citing a desire to play.

Sam Grigg, whilst having a desire to play, cannot due to a broken foot. He didn’t break his foot after taking the screamer in the photo above, rather, a wayward motorcyclist found him on the footpath! Uncle Sam will be our coach and he needs all of us to perform at our best. If the Malaysian Worriers have done their homework, they will be worried. Sam’s already in winning form, having picked up the 4.5 Megalitre bottle of Jim Beam at the Vietnam Swans 2008 AFL Grand Final Party.

This will be Sam’s last match for Vietnam as a Vietnam-resident. He has received a well-earned promotion and will leave for Bangalore, India, in two weeks.

Unfortunately, Rhys the Mohawk, won’t receive his send-off at next week’s match. He had to return to Australia yesterday. Good luck with it all back in Oz, Rhys and keep flying the flag for the Swannies!

As always, the churn factor remains strong at the Vietnam Swans. But also as always, Go  you Swannies!

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