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The race that stopped a training session

Posted by hanoiswans on October 17, 2008

A day out at the Saigon races

We all know of the Melbourne Cup. It’s the Race that stops a nation.

Tomorrow is the Caulfield Cup. And less well known is that it is the race that stops a Vietnam Swans training session is Saigon.

That’s right. There will be no training in Saigon tomorrow because we will celebrate the Caulfield Cup at the Saigon Races.

Click on the attached poster for all the details.

Given that the week after the Caulfield Cup, Vietnam will be playing Malaysia for the Linfox Loscam Cup, tomorrow’s training session has been rescheduled to Sunday 19 October. It will be held at Parkland Apartments in District 2 from 2.30pm.

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