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National Prez thanks troops on ANZAC trip

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 27, 2009

National Prez, Fabbo, thanks the troops who were part of the ANZAC Day weekend

Hi Fellow Anzac-ers

Thanks to each of you for coming to Kanchanaburi this weekend to play in the ANZAC Day Match.

The Dawn Service, the Memorial Service at the cemetery and the match was an amazingly special package - and we wouldn’t have been able to have experienced it if we didn’t have the numbers from both Hanoi and Saigon to form the team that we did.

Special thanks to Patrick Stringer for sharing his knowledge and personal insights about the Death Railway on the bus en route to the Dawn Service. Also for speaking to us prior to the game. It was a great privilege for the rest of us.

Micky J for all his work organizing personal details for insurance etc prior to the match; Danny Armstrong for doing the banking; Daniel Tran for coming up with an awesome match day banner; Potsy and Willy for getting good numbers from Hanoi; Paul for flying in from the Philippines; Derrin & Fleur for rounding up Brown’s Cows each time the bus was due to depart; Flyer Kainey for still being an active part of the Swannies; Bill for leaving his camera behind in a safe place where it wouldn’t be stolen; Drew for his outstanding coaching on the day and his BOG; Monkey for dominating again; Cath, Lek, Kels, Kerri, Linda and Jeremy for being part of this memorable trip; Willy for being one of the guys to lay the wreath at the cemetery; Nick for demolishing anybody who dared take any of the Club kit before it had been recorded against their name etc.

If you could earn medals for sustaining injuries in an ANZAC Day match, then we would owe Muzza and Danny Armstrong one each. (Good news is that Muzza’s knee seems OK and Danny will get his checked this afternoon.)

Congratulations and farewell to Gus and Muzza.

Congratulations to Scotty Stacey for knocking off Paul Roos as the man with the naming rights for the Cup that now sits in Bangers.

Bad luck to Toby, Evan, Mic Francis and Greg Armstrong for having to withdraw from the trip.

And everyone else who I haven’t specifically mentioned.

Everyone was part of this trip. And everyone played their part in making it the trip that we won’t forget for all the right reasons.

It was an amazing weekend and great privilege to have been part of.

“Fabbo” Phil Johns
National President

P.S. Photos still to come (Bill left his camera in Thailand…) as well as more reports.

One Response to “National Prez thanks troops on ANZAC trip”

  1. willy said

    can i just say i’ll miss you boys.

    gus for bein one of the softest drinkers i’ve come across in a long time


    big muzza for.. yeah you know it muzz, for hav’n the damn sexiest footy style goin round in asian footy.

    good on ya fellas and best of luck. i’m sure you will be back on a swannies tour before you know it.

    love ya work.

    go you swannies!!

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