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Archive for April 17th, 2009

The Little Guy climbs even higher

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 17, 2009

Stacey reaches new heights as the Thailand Cup is renamed in honour of him.

The Vietnam Swans have decided to honour the Little Guy, Scott Stacey, by renaming the Thailand – Vietnam Cup that we play for as the “Scott Stacey / Gary Burke Cup”.

Gary Burke is a favourite son of Thailand’s. Previously, the Swans had honoured Paul Roos of the Sydney Swans as Roosy had just won the AFL flag two months prior to our match against Thailand in November 2005.

Paul Roos is, of course, a champion. However, the Vietnam Swans believed that it was now appropriate to further develop our own identity by publicly acknowledging those in our Club who have made a material difference to our development.

Below is a copy of the email that the National President, Phil Johns, sent to Scotty Stacey – who now lives in Coffs Harbour with his wife, two children and three gold fish – informing him of the news.

Hi Mr Scott

The Vietnam Swans’ Committees in Hanoi and Saigon have decided that it is not appropriate to continue with the Paul Roos / Gary Burke Cup in our matches against Thailand.

Accordingly, it is my great pleasure to inform you that we have advised the President of the Thailand Tigers to rename the Cup as the “Scott Stacey / Gary Burke Cup”.

Stacey, a one-eyed supporter of the Vietnam Swannies

To be able to find some AFL goal posts in one city in Vietnam may be nothing more than a fluke. However, to find AFL goal posts in a second city in Vietnam is a sign of a miracle and a genius and needs to be recognized. Add to that that you played in the first Swans match in 2003, you played major roles in forging a national team and getting us to the Champs, you set up an organisational structure to ensure that the Swans became a sustainable entity etc, well, it was an obvious decision.

So, the first time we play for the Scott Stacey Cup shall be in Kanchanaburi, Thailand on Anzac Day 2009.

It will be a great day and weekend, Scott – and an honour to play for the Scott Stacey Cup on such a significant day.

Scotty, sometimes a man with with even fewer words than centimetres, replied with:

Many thanks everyone. It’s an unexpected, undeserved but highly appreciated honour.

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Hanoi’s Season Opener and fundraiser

Posted by Vietnam Swans on April 17, 2009

Micky Francis, Willy and the Jim Beam Swanettes

Last Saturday night, 11 April, Hanoi kicked off the 2009 Season with a Club Fundraiser at the Studio with Jim Beam. Hanoi President, Potsy, reports:

A great night was had by all and sundry at the Studio Bar. It started early with the boys rolling in from training after a huge storm and a dismal turn up. Dan K, Big Toby, Chris and young Jamie joined the non-trainers Mick f, Hendo and Potsy.

The lovely Jim Beam girls Ms. Trang and Ms. Tam were here to help us with our endeavors to utilize the promotional items supplied to us from our fantastic sponsor.

Willy (Hanoi Supercoach) made his trade mark grand entrance and the night was afoot.

Willy, Micky Francis and the Flower Lady

What started out quietly ended up pretty loud (ya hearin’ me?). Mick F, Hendo and Willy decided to have a competition to see how many people could be dragged off the street to support the Swannies’ Fundraiser. At one stage we had a street vender selling flowers and a cyclo driver (whose cyclo was seconded by the Supercoach and one of Potsy’s security guards to go for a cruise around the old quarter) who enjoyed a few orange whips with the faithful Swans contingent.

Hendo and Mr. Richie took Potsy and one of the Swanettes (Jim Beam Girl – Miss Tam) around to the Hanoi backpackers for a recruitment drive. (Editor’s note: stupid, stupid stupid. Peak hour with a Jim Beam girl on the back of your bike – way too many close shaves / near misses with the fascinated local bike riders).

15 minutes later and a large contingent (50 or more) of backpackers, The Studio erupted. By 3 am it was time to go and get a Panini from the Cheeky Quarter.

A few of the diehards where still looking for a beverage. A special mention should go to young Jamie who stuck with the old brigade all night (or was it that he was very keen on the beautiful Miss Thuy? Editor’s note: stupid, stupid, stupid – don’t leave ya misses with an up and coming Swanny!). Well done to Dan Kindness and Toby Garafillias who got through the night unharmed – but I’m not sure how unharmed they were the following day with H and Simone dealing out there punishments.

Again, a special thank you to our sponsors, Jim Beam, Culi Café, JVK Removals, Wide Eyed tours, Segafredo Espresso, Asahi Beer, The Studio Bar and the Hanoi Backpackers for there contribution for the successful evening.

It was a great night and in the process, VND3.34million was raised for the Club’s coffers!

To see more photos, check out Potsy’s :

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