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Vietnam Swans Club Song – 2nd proposal

Posted by Vietnam Swans on May 27, 2009

Barnsie, Micky J, Anh Joe and Khe Sanh

Yesterday, we were spoilt with one proposed Swannies Club song. Today, Micky J and Anh Joe release, for the first time ever, their entry for a Club Song.

Micky J is responsible for the verse and Joe for the chorus – as well as picking Jimmy Barnes’ Khe Sanh soundtrack.

Micky J suggests that he and Joe teaming up is akin to a Lennon/McCartney type of hook up. That’s profound if it is true. Below is their offering.

(As per 1st verse of Khe Sanh)

We gave our hearts to the Swans in Vietnam
And our souls were sold at bia hoi
to the fast drinking man
Raw dog meat ‘n’ rice wine whisky
Taste better with the scent of victory
And there’s nothin’ like morning glory in our hands.

(As per last verse of Khe Sanh)

We played our best for the Swans from Vietnam
We played our best for the Swans from Vietnam
Other teams are really worried
We’re champions and we’re hungry
Bring on your best ‘gainst the Swans from Vietnam


Ya hearin’ me???

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