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The footy season heats up

Posted by hanoiswans on February 7, 2009

Footy heats up

Footy heats up

In the spiritual home of footy, Melbourne, things are really hotting up.

Across the state, blistering temperatures are predicted (for today), up to 46 degrees in the Mallee while Melbourne will reach 44.” With hot northerly winds gusting at up to 100km/h, it’s being described as .

On the other side of the country in Perth, the NAB Cup will kick off with Collingwood playing West Coast.

Back in Vietnam, today the Vietnam Swans start training in both Hanoi and Saigon. In Saigon, training will commence at 2.30pm at RMIT University. In Hanoi, training starts at midday at the UN International School.

Hanoi is reporting a strong surge in interest with 25 people confirmed for today’s training session. Toby is one of the new recruits. He is described by Dan Kindness as being “6ft 4 inches but plays like a 7ft madman. He has the ability to split the packs like a Hanoi bus in peak hour traffic”.

It’s a very hot start to what should be a seriously good 2009 season.

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