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Death toll climbs to 96

Posted by hanoiswans on February 8, 2009

Tragedy hits Victoria

Tragedy hits Victoria

On Saturday, the Blog ran a light hearted story about the Vietnam Swans “footy season heating up”. As part of the introduction, it referred to Melbourne’s and Victoria’s extreme temperatures expected that day. The day in Victoria was being anticipated prophetically as “our worst day in history”.

Channel 9's former newsreader, Brian Naylor

Channel 9's former newsreader, Brian Naylor, succumbs

Melbourne went on to record its hottest day ever with the mercury hitting 46.4 degrees. Combined with wind gusts of up to 100km/hr and the effect of years of drought, Victoria’s parched landscape exploded in a ball of fire. Already, 96 are confirmed dead - including Channel 9’s former news reader, Brian Naylor. The number of fatalities is  expected to climb.

, “Victoria has witnessed this country’s greatest natural disaster. Worse than Black Friday. Worse than Ash Wednesday. That is the grim sum of a catstrophe that exceeds all others - and threatens to grow worse”.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has observed that, “.

The Swans Blog pays tribute to the emergency and associated services for their extraordinary level of professionalism during this ongoing disaster. Thank you.

For those wishing to make a donation, please contact the .

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