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Bushfire commemorative t- shirt unveiled

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 16, 2009

The design for the Bushfire Bash T-shirt is unveiled

The design for the Bushfire Bash commemorative t-shirt is unveiled

This afternoon, stalwart Swans Sponsor, finalised the design of the commemorative t-shirt for the Bushfire Bash between the Vietnam Swans and the Bali Geckos on 28 March 2009.

On the back of the shirt is an image of a burnt landscape. Two of the burnt trees symbolise a set of goal posts. Significantly, there are new green shoots sprouting from the “tree” goal posts representing life, continuity and regrowth.

The blue footy sailing through the goal posts is actually the logo of the . The lines on their logo represent a road winding through the mountains of the Yarra Valley. At the base of one of the goal posts is a conical hat to represent both Bali and Vietnam.

The text says:

Vietnam Swans Vs Bali Geckos
Black Saturday Bushfire Appeal
28th March 2009
Saigon, Vietnam

A strictly limited number of these shirts will be made. They will be sold for approximately USD10. All profits will be donated to the YVMDFL appeal.

One Response to “Bushfire commemorative t- shirt unveiled”

  1. willy said

    what did the captain say to the geckos fly’n all the way to saigon as they took off and suddenly ran into a group of swannies?

    “gents, if you are on the left side of the plane, you will see a spectacular view of ya new runway, the Hudson River,”

    only josh’n. really look’n forward to a tough game by the geckos and can’t wait for the boys to arrive for a dob of footy..

    bring it on!!

    go you swannies

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