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Archive for March 1st, 2009

Andy Wall and the Swans’ Wall (of Fame)

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 1, 2009

Andy & Jim - On the Swans' Wall of Fame

Andy's now on the Wall & Beam is still on the team

During the week, Andy Wall passed through Saigon. Andy, the Jim Beam man, has been based in Singapore but will now return to Sydney to continue his Jim Beam duties.

The success of the Vietnam Swans has much to do with Andy. Back in 2003, Andy secured 20 Sydney Swans jumpers (via the USSR!) so that the then Hanoi Swans could play in our first ever tournament. That tournament was played against Thailand and Hong Kong.

Jim Beam has been a tireless supporter of our fundraisers ever since – especially in the lead up to the formation of the National Vietnam Swans team and our debut at the 2007 Asian Championships in Bangkok.

With the support of the Jim Beam Party Crew (the Swanettes), we raffled the equivalent of an oval full of mega 4.5 litre bottles of Jim Beam. Those fundraisers in both Hanoi and Saigon were genuine crowd pleasers in the evenings (even if they weren’t so good in the mornings after…).

As part of the build up for the Champs, in what was dubbed as our Thirst for First Tour,  Jim Beam designed bar posters that celebrated Beam’s partnership with the Swans. This was the first time that our Club had enjoyed a sponsorship where the sponsor was actively incorporating our event/ Club into a marketing campaign.

Andy played particularly well for the Swans in Bangkok. While the Blog is unable to report on the exact number of kicks, goals, handballs etc that he had on the field, we can confidently say that after the match, when all around him had fallen, he was the one offering smelling salts in his quest to find another drinking partner.

Andy’s commitment to the Jim Beam brand is undeniable. His commitment to the Vietnam Swans from the very beginning has been remarkable. He has been a key reason for much of our success as a Club in terms of being financial and having such an inclusive culture that celebrates all who want to be part of footy in Asia.

Andy, you are on the Swans Wall of Fame – which could arguably be renamed, Andy’s Wall. We appreciate everything you have done for the Club. We wish you well back in Sydney and we look forward to your first business trip back to Vietnam!

Importantly, the good news for the Vietnam Swans is that the show with Jim Beam will go on. Thankfully, Mr Thien, who is Jim Beam’s man on the ground in Saigon, will remain and we have been reassured of his ongoing support. In addition, Mr Kristian – who has just flown into Saigon from Jim Beam, Thailand – will join two teams; Beam Vietnam and the Vietnam Swans!

Good luck and thanks again, Andy.

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