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Hanoi Meeting Tonight

Posted by hanoiswans on January 22, 2009

Expect Willy to have more to say at tonight's Club meeting in Hanoi

Expect Willy to have more to say at tonight's Club meeting in Hanoi

Willy, from the Vietnam Swans in Hanoi has called a meeting of the Club tonight. Get to The Studio at 7pm. Below is his original email.

g’day me fellow northerner swannies,

yep that time of the year boys where ya have to yank out some extra dosh for ya maid, ya x ‘om, massage on the old hammie and possibly ya bia. well not tonight boys.. hey, what’s willy on about i hear you say.

well, boys it’s simple. head to studio ’bout 7-ish. potsy and his lovely bar staff will greet you and then give ya a bia cause the swannies felt it was time we gave ya something for ya hard earned efforts. ya know, training hard, work outs by yaself, examin’ previous swannies game footage on youtube look’n for areas of weakness and areas to improve.. you know the drill boys.

meet’n about 7.30ish. talk bout various things, but games are coming up very soon. we need to make a few changes for 2009 and one of the big ones is bein’ more prepared psychologically, physically and appear’n nice, neat and tidy in tourin’ tops.

if ya wonder’n where studio is, try:

Studio Bar & Lounge, 32 Ma May, Ha Noi

love ya’ work boys and see you there.


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