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Bruce McAvaney meets Angry Dave!

Posted by Vietnam Swans on September 30, 2009

Swans, "Angry Dave" meets Bruce McAvaney and family in Saigon

You can see a lot of unusual things in Vietnam that are, in fact, fairly normal.

Thongs on construction sites are the safety footwear of choice. Cows on the back of motorcycles are not unheard of. Workers doing maintenance work on bridges with their bamboo ladders planted in the middle of jam-packed roads without even as much as a witch’s hat for protection also happens.

Last night, after playing a sensational game against the HMAS DARWIN, Vietnam Swans’ backman, David Hadley, sauntered into the Al’frescos Restaurant still wearing his full footy kit and boots. A family of diners looked up in shock – clearly tourists, thought Dave.

It turned out that their shock was not so much that he was dressed in footy gear, but, that he was wearing his footy gear in Vietnam. It turned out that it was none other than the renowned football enyclopedia himself, Mr Bruce McAvaney, and his family, on holidays.

Apparently, Bruce was unaware of footy being played in Asia and as you could well imagine, he was genuinely excited to learn of its existence.

The Vietnam Swans statisticians are rumoured to be fearing a dreaded Bruce McAvaney audit as there’s a fair chance he will find some holes in our record books.

Apart from the state of our statistics, Bruce was impressed with all the things that were going on with the Vietnam Swans, according to Dave. Naturally, Bruce was sorry that he had missed the big clash against the Navy.

Great to see the McAvaneys here in Saigon and the Swannies wish them a great holiday for the rest of their time here in Vietnam.

And how did the McAvaneys enjoy their meal from Al’fresco’s (which supplied the food at the Navy Match a couple of hours earlier)?

“Delicious”, replied Bruce.

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