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Archive for February 4th, 2010

Ex Swannie Matty Johns makes the news

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 4, 2010

Ex Swannie, Matty Johns, famous for his good looks, natural blonde hair and brown eyes is also famous within insurance circles Down Under

Former Swannies superstar, Matty Johns who had seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet when he returned to Adelaide from Vietnam has been discovered by Muzza in an insurance magazine. Muzza writes below:

Many of you will ask:

  • What happened to ‘One More Matt Johns’?
  • Gee, I wonder how Matt Johns is settling back into life in Adelaide
  • Matt Johns – it’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore.

Anyway the answer to all of this is obvious – Matt has been busy becoming a “Young Professional”.

A hard hitting Insurance Mag has picked up the adventures of Matt and published a fantastic article – complete with a photo of the young professional that will more than likely propel Matt into the new profession of male modeling (Target catalogues etc) for the young professional.

So please make sure that you are in touch with Matt – maybe today or tomorrow just to let him know that you are pleased to see him doing so well as a young professional.

Also – Phil (Johns), I would expect that this would bring a sizeable fine to the past Vietnam Swans player.

Matt – we look forward to many more publications – maybe a cover on the New Idea that would include the family.

All the best, Muzza

Matt Johns then replied:

Muzza, thanks for that and solving the mystery. With a nationwide circulation of only 4, surprisingly, the Insurance & Risk Professional magazine won’t appear in any media monitoring lists of the ‘most read’ magazines in Australia, or South Australia, or Adelaide, or even the office where I work.

Noting this, given I have a copy, Rebecca sufferingly took one and I passed one onto my mum, I was wondering where the other one had got to. It appears it must have made its way to a newsagency in Carlton, nestled amongst the varied publications on “Vietnamese Gas Cookers 2008″ (by various contributors), “Bright boots and tight tops” (Franklin & Grigg), and “3 easy steps to monster calfs” (Murrell).

As part of South Australia’s ongoing commitment to hosting major events, a launch, signing and cocktail function will be taking place. I will ensure all of your names are on the door.

Clearly, to be an active member of the Vietnam Swannies, you need a very good football brain but not necessarily a high IQ.

To see the full article about Matt, click on .

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