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Viet Kieu plays for France’s National Team

Posted by Vietnam Swans on February 11, 2008

Francois Trinh Duc, a Viet Kieu, is just 21 – “and no one has ever heard of him”, according to in England.

Francois was to make his debut for the French National Rugby Team against Scotland yesterday at “outside half”. Apparently, he was only playing there “because he grew too big for his original position of scrum half”.

As a proudly Aussie Rules Blog, the Swans Blog doesn’t profess to understand the finer points of growing too big, original positions or scrotum halfs. Nevertheless, if Francois Trinh Duc has made France’s national rugby team, that would seem like a very impressive performance. Congratulations.

Click on for the full expose.

When will our first Viet Kieu debut in the AFL?

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