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On the ground details for Lao trip

Posted by Vietnam Swans on March 19, 2010

Snakes, from the Lao Elephants, has just forwarded the schedule re this weekend’s big clash between the Elephants and Swannies.


Our thoughts here for the game are:

  • 12 per team on the field
  • 12-15 minute quarters (maybe wait and see how hot it is on the day) with 5 minute quarter breaks and 15 minute half time break

We have one field umpire confirmed, two goal umpires confirmed and one boundary umpire confirmed (still looking for another).

The game will be played at Don Dok Stadium (same ground we played on last time Vietnam came over) which is a soccer ground. We are asking them to paint a centre and goal squares. We are also asking them to try and round the boundaries close to the corners – we will see how successful we are with this request on the morning of the game.

There won’t be a doctor at the ground but there should be a nurse and physiotherapist in attendance (hopefully we don’t need to use either). The only medical supplies will be a very basic first aid kit.

We are hiring a bus to take you all out to the ground and back to the hotel after the match. It will pick you up at the Chanthapanya Hotel.

Game starts at 4 pm, we will probably try and get our team there no later than 2.30 just to run through a couple of things. We can organise for your bus to leave the hotel around 2 or 2.30 if you would like – depends on Swans preference. The ground is probably about 20-30 minutes from where you are staying.

There will be no need for an emu line, we aren’t playing on a field littered with UXO (unexploded ordinance).

For the social events, we are having some very informal drinks on Friday at 7 pm at Bor Pen Nyang Bar, on the Mekong River, around the corner from your hotel. There won’t be anything formally organised, but I will have a chat to the manager of the bar to set aside an area or table for people to have a drink.

On the Saturday night we expect the game to finish before 6 pm, we’ll be able to have a beer or several on the field and then head back, get changed, showered, etc. We’ll get the after-party to start around 7 also at Bor Pen Nyang. We’ll try and sort the exact details with the management tonight, but we are thinking there will probably be some nibbles and beer provided at a price per head for us and then people are able to order extra as see fit. After that we’ll be able to kick on at Vientiane’s finest curfew hour bound bars and all be in bed safely by 11 pm.

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