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A National Presidential Mega Update

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 17, 2010

National President, Phil Johns, gives us a Swannies mega update:

Dear Swannies, Sponsors and Supporters; Another blockbuster email coming your way…

1. Mega Departures
2. DT and Gus to move to Indonesia
3. More footy players from Vietnam in the 60′s
4. Ozkick Saigon kicks off
5. Great news re Colin Mitchell
6. Swans Blog bigger than the MCG
7. The Footy Events Calendar
8. Sponsorships for the Official Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties in Hanoi & Saigon

1. Mega Departures

Swannies pin up boy, Poster Monkey and the Jumping JD (Jarrod Dean)

Germany showed the Shockeroos in the World Cup what can happen if you don’t continually rebuild your team.

The Swannies immediately heeded the message and this week began a clean sweep. Big names for the Swannies in recent years such as Monkey, JD and Baird, now – all gone!

Captain Monkey and fiance, Kels
Monkey took over the Captaincy from Gus a long time ago and went on to become one of our greatest ever. With his Dermie-like barrel chest, he could be found in the middle of most packs side-stepping forwards, backwards – wherever – to create just enough time to effect a continual stream of clean disposals. Silky. A great leader and club man. Will also be remembered for having his greyhound, LED Suitcase, sponsor last year’s Swannies AFL Grand Final Party after winning a big race. We wish Monkey and his very lovely fiance of the last two months, Kels (you kept that a secret, Monkey!), a great return to Victoria and Apollo Bay.

JD and Bridie
JD (Jarrod Dean) together with his wife, Bridie have the young family. While JD wasn’t able to make every match, if he could, he always would. And, when he could, couldn’t he play! Already one of the tallest on the ground, this boy just loved to climb up and over anyone to take big grabs (even at training sessions!). Combined with his spring-loaded achilles, he was next-to unbeatable. Have a fantastic one back on the Gold Coast JD and Bridie and enjoy being back with your families.

AB (Adam Baird) helps out Coach JD (Jarrod Dale) during the Swannies first ever victory in Hanoi, 2006

AB and Katherine
AB was one of the best we nearly had. If only it wasn’t for his mangled shoulder and gammy knees. As far as I know, he only risked training once in Hanoi – but could move. Was also Assistant Coach to JD (Jarrod Dale) when we had our first ever win back in 2006 against the Jakarta Bintangs. A memorable moment with AB was during a match against the Malaysian Warriors in Hanoi in 2006. AB was running water and instructions when one of the Warrior players invited AB to get off the field. AB laughed and then, for good measure, squirted the water bottle in his face.

AB’s wife, Katherine, was one of the original Hanoi Oi’s netballers. She did a mighty job keeping the netball on track after the departure of Julia Howes.

Try to have a great time back in Adelaide. And don’t ever be too proud to say that you prefer Melbourne.

2. DT and Gus to move to Indonesia

Former Hanoi Swans President, Daryl Taber, with wife Kathy and family, are preparing to leave Australia for work in Bandung, Indonesia. Former Captain Gus McEwin will leave Saigon for Jakarta in a couple of months. It is rumoured the Jakarta Bintangs have offered big money to recruit these two hacks.

3. More footy players from Vietnam in the 60′s

Roger Costello visits the Wall in Washington DC, with his son, on Memorial Day last month

Since playing the 2010 ANZAC Friendship Match in Vung Tau, the Swannies have received emails from several veterans who played footy in Vung Tau during the War. All of them are supporting various charities over here and believed that our match was a positive development.

The Vietnam Veterans’ magazine, Chin Up, has published an article on the weekend. The Ulysses Motorcycle Club (for over 50 yo’s) will run an article in its Ride On magazine which has a circulation figure of 58,000. Greg and Anne Carter, together with a friend of theirs, have requested footage of the ANZAC Friendship Match to include in a DVD about “Aussie Footy”.

Mentioning motorbikes just before, Roger Costello is a Veteran, now living in the USA, who is a big supporter of the Swannies and the Saigon Geckos after numerous return visits. On 31 May, US Memorial Day, Roger says he went to:

Washington DC for Rolling Thumder with a MILLION bikes. It was started by Viet Nam Vets back about twenty years ago with 250 bikes. Now everybody hangs on our shirt tails!

He says the special moment for him was visiting the Wall of Names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with his son and daughter.

4. Ozkick Saigon kicks off

Matt Natalotto, Sam Conroy, Kev Hornblower and Rob Visa have kicked off Ozkick Saigon on Sunday mornings at the Australian International School. Already, a strong program in Hanoi has been running under the auspices of Willy for the past two years.

5. Great news re Colin Mitchell

From left, Colin Mitchell, Dave Kainey, Phil Johns, Scotty Stacey and Micky J at the 2007 Asian Champs, Bangkok

Great news for Colin Mitchell as he is expected to make a full recovery after a very nasty health scare. Colin was the official photographer for the then Hanoi Swans first ever away tour in 2005 (to Malaysia). In 2007, Colin and wife, Kay also flew into Thailand from China to take photos of the Vietnam Swans inaugural appearance at the Asian Champs.

A few days ago, Colin and Kay had to make an emergency flight to Brisbane from Qatar (where they work). Colin was in particularly bad shape. Apparently, all is now expected to be OK. But before then he must have a benign pituitary tumour removed next Tuesday. He will be in hospital for a week after that and then another two weeks of recovery before they can return to Qatar.

All the Swannies wish Colin a successful operation and speedy recovery.

6. Swans Blog bigger than the MCG

A couple of weeks ago, the Swannies Blog notched up its 150,000th hit. That’s one and a half times the size of the MCG! Unheard of.

7. The Footy Events Calendar

At the Swannies, we’re always saving the best ’til last. This email is no exception. Have a look at the upcoming schedule which begins with the 4th Kainey Cup on the 10th July in Saigon between the Vietnam Swans and the Jakarta Bintangs:

  • 10 July, Saigon – 4th Kainey Cup – Vietnam Swans Vs Jakarta Bintangs
  • 31 July, Phnom Penh – Cambodian Cobras Vs Vietnam Swans
  • 14 August, Saigon – Vietnam Swans Vs Cambodian Cobras (tbc)
  • 28 August, Hanoi – Heritage Round, Hanoi Hawks Vs Saigon Saints
  • 4 September, Hanoi – Gaelic Football, Indochina Invitational (tbc)
  • 23 September, Hanoi – The Vietnam Swans AFL Grand Final Cyclo Parade
  • 25 September, Hanoi and Saigon – The Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties
  • 16 October, Shanghai, China – The 11th Annual Asian Championships
  • 27 November, Saigon – The 4th Annual Indochina Cup
  • 28 November, Saigon – The Vietnam Swans 2010 Best & Fairest Awards
  • 28 December, Melbourne – The 3rd Vietnam Swans Annual Cricket Day, MCG
  • 29 December, Melbourne – The 6th Vietnam Swans Annual Golf Classic

8. Sponsorships for the Official Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties in Hanoi & Saigon

If your organisation would like to register your interest in being a sponsor of the Official Vietnam Swans 2010 AFL Grand Final Parties in Hanoi and/or Saigon, please contact either or a Vietnam Swans player. Should be a sensational event – especially given former Saigon President of the Vietnam Swans, Scotty Stacey, is a definite maybe to fly in for the occasion! Scottyyyyyyy!

The Vietnamese wouldn’t be honkin’ their horns unless they loved the footy.

Hearin’ me?

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