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Saigon’s Father-Son Rule

Posted by Vietnam Swans on August 19, 2010

The Father-Son Rule in Saigon

Seemingly, Saigon’s Father-Son Rule is that if Dad is in town, then you bring him out to training.

Well, that was certainly the case last weekend when Shannon’s Dad, Mick and Josh’s Dad, David, both came out to a Swannies training session.

And it was awesome.

8 Responses to “Saigon’s Father-Son Rule”

  1. Miss Cambodia said

    Ohhhh I remember that boy on the left. Looks just like his dadda!

  2. kevan dacey said

    If I bring my grandson can we have a kick at training?

  3. willy said

    Shags you look 6ft 10 in that photo mate..

  4. Shags said

    Willy, I’m all stature mate. Clearly a change ruckman

  5. Paul said

    It looks hot mate, I wont be playing footy when I come over to see you we will hit the Pool Halls instead

  6. Roger said

    Paul, I will see you in the pool halls & where is my photo?

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