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“Take my word for it!”

Posted by hanoiswans on June 7, 2007

Pete Westwood, goal umpire extraordinaire. Gained notoriety amongst all die-hard and casual Hanoi Swans supporters in October of last year in the match against the CARE AFL All Stars. Pete famously lost one of the 3 goals that we booted and recorded a paltry two on the official score sheet!

The lesson from this story is to treat whatever he says with extreme caution.

Pete, upon seeing the blog entry about the Swans hat spotted recently by the paparazzi in Bali, wrote in to claim,

Swans hats in Bali….. ! Even bigger….during a recent visit to Paris (last week), a buddy of mine from Canada had a Hanoi Swans hat with him (Kainey (former Pres now retired in Singapore)  gave it to him). And, it was seen being worn during a whiskey drinking session after our dinner in the former chateau of the Rothschild’s in Chantilly….how broad and global is that!

Mate, we’re reluctant to take your word for it, especially with some of your recent form. A little photographic proof wouldn’t go astray! I trust ya hearin’ me.

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