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Archive for June 16th, 2007

Swans Blog hits 143 in a day

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 16, 2007

On Thursday 14 June, the Swans blog scored 143 hits – its highest number in a single day since going on air 6 weeks ago. The big ticket items on that day were the ”Vietnam Swans Record Footy Fury!” story and the teaser for the Swanettes (Jim Beam Party Crew). A “staggering number” of viewers clicked to enlarge the photo of the Jim Beam Party Crew (Why would you?? They probably also bumped their noses on the computer screen). 

Other top rating stories included the announcement that Tim Smyth was a confirmed player for the Champs (“39th Tourer Discovered”). Thanks to that posting he also scored an invite to his school’s 20 year reunion after being “found” on the internet.

Yesterday ”+1+1+1= 44 Confirmed Tourers” performed strongly (announcing that Travis Fennell, Eddie Raygoza and Peter Grave were all coming to Bangkok).

With the links, it’s the , and the that are the most popular.

Our total count now for the blog is just under 1,400.  

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Footy Records a Win

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 16, 2007

The Thailand Tigers’ Media Relations Manager, Brendan Cunningham has advised that the AFL will, after all, run a story on the 2007 Asian Championships in their Footy Record. This is welcome news after the AFL had initially rejected the idea believing it was outside their “scope”.

Adrian Panozzo is the man from the AFL who brought about this change which can only be described as fair, reasonable and appropriate. It will not surprise anyone to learn that this man is a former AFL umpire.

In addition, Adrian has put a copy of the Thailand Tigers’ on the AFL’s website. (For a pdf version, check out .) 

Are these the winds of change?

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Asian Champs goes Blogging

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 16, 2007

The Asian Champs has gone and got onto the . At the moment, they have two entries including the scoop link to Roy & HG who recently, on 10 June, gave the Champs a plug. So check out the .

It was through the network of Saigon’s new recruit, Drew Franklin (also a mate of Will Martin and Sam Grigg) that we got onto the Roy & HG story.  Drew turned up in Saigon two months ago with .

To be honest, I’m pleased Drew’s on our side. Fairdinkum, he’s that big that he could stick one of Lindsay’s trucks under his jumper and security wouldn’t even think of frisking him. That’s big.

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