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Archive for June 1st, 2007

It’s Official: 14 in Random Draw

Posted by hanoiswans on June 1, 2007

In news just to hand, the Organising Committee of the 2007 Asian Champs has just announced through the President of the Thailand Tigers that at this year’s Champs:

1. Each team will play with 14 a side. Each team will have a 22 man squad per match. Squads may be chosen from an unlimited number of players during the day.

2. There will be two Groups - A and B Groups. The winner of each Group will play off in the Grand Final.

3. Each Group will be selected from a  random draw.

Until next time you hear from us, may your news be good news.

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Paparazzi Shoot Swans Hat in Bali

Posted by hanoiswans on June 1, 2007

Is this one of the Swans Hats at the Grand Balisani Suites, Bali?

The Paparazzi snapped this grainy photo three weeks ago in Bali with a camera armed with a super duper zoom.

It certainly appears to look like one of the Swans’ distinctive “goal-striped” hats and Rik the Saigonese Dutchman was recently in Bali - so it might not be a fake.  


Interestingly, if it is Rik, he will be wearing one of the “Hanoi Swans” collector edition hats rather than a “Vietnam Swans” hat. Rik was the first Saigonese resident to wear one of these amazing hats (except for Scotty Stacey and Phil and…)

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Swans Blog Punches through 500 Hits

Posted by hanoiswans on June 1, 2007

Today, the Vietnam Swans Blog site punched through the 500 hits barrier. 300 of those hits have come in the past 8 days.

When asked by the International Association of Domestic Bloggers (IADB) to respond to this amazing feat, the Swans President explained that, “In the history of our blog site, reaching 500 is unprecedented. More to the point, it’s unheard of”. 

When asked to describe the feeling of reaching the 500 milestone, he added, “It’s a dream come true. It’s absolutely awwwwwwwesome”.

When asked about the challenge of achieving the next 500 hits, he said, “Bring it on!”

Was there anything else he wanted to add? “Nah, not really”.

With colourful quotes like these, the Vietnam Swans are really positioning themselves as a professional footy club.  

Click on the graph to see the results of the Vietnam Swans blog in its launch month, May 2007.

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