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Archive for June 24th, 2007

Kerry comes to Collect

Posted by hanoiswans on June 24, 2007

Sure enough, Kerry returned last night to claim and collect her mega bottle of Jim Beam after winning it the previous night in absentia.

Kerry said that she was “very excited to win the Jim Beam because I never win anything!” She only just sneaked in the win because on Monday, her tourist visa expires so she must leave the country.

Nevertheless, she did promise to give the bottle “a nudge” prior to her daparture which she is hoping to delay. Kerry has a rugby friend who won’t be sorry to see her leave; he’s been promised whatever’s left in the bottle.

Congratulations again Kerry on being our first winner - and for going into last night’s draw as well!

Finally, when asked what she thought of Jim Beam, Kerry replied, “Just the Best”.

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Elgar Park Dragons make “The Age” newspaper

Posted by hanoiswans on June 24, 2007

Elgar Park Dragons

The , the predominantly Vietnamese Aussie footy team in Melbourne, today had a write up in “The Age”. 

the-age.jpgThe article mentions how this team is really opening up footy to Asians in Australia.

The Elgar Park Dragons and will play in the Narita Cup, Japan, later this year in October. The team is a chance (not yet confirmed) to stop over in Vietnam en route for a match against us. Also, it seems likely that any member of the Swans who would like to be part of the Box Hill North tour to Japan, may join them.

You can access the via World Footy News.

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Casper wins the Mega Jim Beam, Saigon

Posted by hanoiswans on June 24, 2007

Last night at Cafe Latin (Saigon) - correction, it’s now been rebranded as  ”The Office” - Casper the Dutchman was floating after winning the Mega 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam!

Casper arrived in Saigon from Holland two weeks ago and has started building a pipeline with a heap of Kiwis. The Kiwi connection explains why he was at The Office (Latin) to watch New Zealand and South Africa play in the Tri Nations Tournament. 

When asked for a profound comment, Casper replied, “Live long and enjoy life” before adding, “Go Orange!”.

When asked to describe the feeling of winning 4.5 litres of Jim Beam, he said, “It’s Just the Best”.

Those who study the photo closely will notice Super Savvy Scotty in the background. As well as the Swans players, our Coach likes to keep a very close eye on Jim Beam Swanettes, Ms Kieu and Ms Tuyet.

For your chance to win a mega bottle of Jim Beam, come back next weekend to The Office.

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Will bumps into the Rooster

Posted by hanoiswans on June 24, 2007

The Rooster has returned. Remember how he had some insightful comments about the Asian Champs, that he plays for Singapore, and that he went over to Vienna for the to play with Finland (home of ex Swan, Antti)?

Well, he’s back. The Rooster sent an updating email to his “Beloved Bats”. The Bats are Sydney’s UTS Paddington Bats which is where former Swan, Will Martin currently plays.

Will, who lived in Hanoi last year has confirmed he will jet in from Sydney to play with the Swans in our inaugural appearance at the Asian Champs. Will, a pillar in the Swans on-field and off-field performances, was a firm believer that one needed a minimum of 8 hours sleep per week (sic).

This attitude hasn’t gone down so well with the Bats who currently sit on top of the ladder. They’ve trained him so hard that literally his stomach has come up. And a novel concept for Will has been to drink less & sleep more (”unheard of approach”).

The Swans Match Committee is impressed with Will’s level of footy profesionalism. The Committee would like to think he will remain footy focussed from the moment he steps off the plane in Bangkok to running out onto the ground for Asian Footy’s biggest day in 2007. However, they believe the chances of that happening are unheard of. 

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One for the “Unheard of!” category

Posted by hanoiswans on June 24, 2007

Mr Ryan, who had a long a distinguished playing career with the Hanoi Swans and the Jakarta Bintangs - and has tru blu Asian Champs experience - was recently invited by the Swans to play for the red and white again next month.

Given Ryan now lives in Melbourne, we weren’t so surprised to receive his apology that he wouldn’t be able to attend.

However, unbelievably, Ryan went on to explain: “I was planning on it… but then got the unexpected call that my ex was coming to Melbourne… and she lands on the weekend of the Champs”.

Mate, I’d get rid of the ex!

But, in fairness to Ryan, he doesn’t mess up everything. He’s the one who fired up the inaugural Swans Annual Golf Championships at the prestigious Royal Ivanhoe Golf Course in Melbourne in 2005.

The event was so successful it was repeated in 2006 and has now become a permanent fixture in Melbourne’s Social Sporting Calendar. It’s played on the 4th Day of the Boxing Day Test Match (29th December).

Plan your 2007 Christmas holidays around this event - which is followed up by some of the best burgers you will ever enjoy, courtesy of Ryan’s barbie.  

(Photo from the 2006 Golf Day, left to right: Micky J, Mr Ryan, Fabbo Phil, Daniel Boone, Snags Canty and Mike)

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