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Archive for June 7th, 2007

“Take my word for it!”

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 7, 2007

Pete Westwood, goal umpire extraordinaire. Gained notoriety amongst all die-hard and casual Hanoi Swans supporters in October of last year in the match against the CARE AFL All Stars. Pete famously lost one of the 3 goals that we booted and recorded a paltry two on the official score sheet!

The lesson from this story is to treat whatever he says with extreme caution.

Pete, upon seeing the blog entry about the Swans hat spotted recently by the paparazzi in Bali, wrote in to claim,

Swans hats in Bali….. ! Even bigger….during a recent visit to Paris (last week), a buddy of mine from Canada had a Hanoi Swans hat with him (Kainey (former Pres now retired in Singapore)  gave it to him). And, it was seen being worn during a whiskey drinking session after our dinner in the former chateau of the Rothschild’s in Chantilly….how broad and global is that!

Mate, we’re reluctant to take your word for it, especially with some of your recent form. A little photographic proof wouldn’t go astray! I trust ya hearin’ me.

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Beauty(ies) and Beast

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 7, 2007

Nice Jumper Phil! (Jaspas, Hanoi, December 2004)

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The Stuff Inside Matters Most

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 7, 2007

Are ya hearin me?

If you think you are, post a comment for all to see. All will be revealed…


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Rooster Employs Bloodhound

Posted by Vietnam Swans on June 7, 2007

Rooster’s now getting up at 3am. Having seen on the Swans Blog that the Hanoi Swans enjoyed the services of the Big Finn, Antti, he has employed the services of a Bloodhound to find him (“Yahs??”).

The bloodhound has sent out an SOS email to Antti.

Rooster wants Antti to play some football over there in Europe – preferably starting this weekend in Vienna as Finland defends it’s Premiership title in the Central European AFL.

It might be worth Antti’s time to find Rooster with the “handlebar mo”. Rooster’s a highly decorated player in seemigly every non-descript tournament you’ve never heard of. Are ya hearin’ me?

Rooster, with the broken arm in the photo of the Finnish winning team’s side at the 2006 CEAFL Cup, has won 2 international Championships, 2 Club Premierships and “almost” a national Championship in Germany.  He attributes his success to his handlebar mo.

Editor’s Note: Rooster was not paid in cash or kind to appear in this story on the Swans’ Blog.

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